Our school is a K-12 co-educational Messianic/Christian elementary school. It is scheduled to open soon with 1st grade facilities.

The goal of the school is to provide a safe and sensitive learning environment that produces high quality education at a low cost for the Christian and Messianic community in Israel



March 18, 2016

We are beginning a new fund raising campaign! We have built a new and better website. We are now using the seed money we received over the last few years to actively spread the word about our school around the world. We are looking for the people that God is calling to support our school through prayer and financial giving! Will you join us in praying for the success of these fund raising efforts.

Here's the brief udpate.

As of right now, we have a facility that we can use to start our school! We have also received a tentative full teacher's salary as a gift from one of our main ministry partners. This means that we only need to raise one and a half teachers salaries and the operational costs.

For these reasons we are pushing forward with the hope and prayer that the rest of the finances and monthly support we need will come in by the summer, so that we can higher the staff and open the school soon.  

Please keep our school in your prayers and consider giving a gift of any size, monthly or one time. You can donate right on this page by clicking on the link to RAZOO which is our secure donation platform. Your gifts are tax-deductible in the USA through Midwest Hebrew Ministries, one of our ministry partners.  


We wish you every blessing and thank you for your continued prayers.


In Messiah's Love,

Hope of Israel School Board

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